The Eastern Shore

#23 - Alexis Madrigal on Fusion and the Future

February 3, 2015

I talked this week with Alexis Madrigal, Silicon Valley (really Oakland) Bureau Chief for Fusion, an ABC-Univision joint venture. Alexis talked about what he and his team at Fusion are doing: trying to tell stories about the "Real Future", the places where we're beginning to see how new technologies and social changes are interacting to produce what will for one day be the future for all of us. We also talked about how to get people to notice your creative output in a Facebook'd world, how technology is changing childhood, and what he thinks might end up being the defining technology in the life of his 18-month-old son.

You can read a more distilled version of Alexis's thoughts on the launch of Fusion in Silicon Valley in his "manifesto," released just a day after we spoke, over at the Fusion website.

Also, a note about Alexis's TinyLetter email newsletter. It has already been renamed from "5 Intriguing Things" to "Real Future" and folded more closely into his work with Fusion, as he describes in our talk. You can still read the full 5IT archive, and you can sign up for Real Future. I recommend it.

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